Vaccinating your cat

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A vaccination is extremely important to the health and welfare of your pet. Timely vaccination is critical as it stimulates the body’s natural defences against a series of nasty and potentially fatal diseases.

During your pets vaccination appointment at The Causeway Veterinary Clinic, your veterinarian will complete a thorough physical examination and health check. This is also a good opportunity for you to discuss any healthcare concerns that you may have with your pet.

For your convenience and your pet’s health we have a reminder system in place to ensure that important vaccination dates are never overlooked!

Remember Vaccination is the only real form of protection for your pet!

Cat Vaccinations:

Your pet’s routine F4 Vaccination protects your CAT against:

1. Feline Enteritis: A highly contagious virus that results in excessive vomiting and diarrhoea (often bloody). As seen with Canine Parvovirus, many cats die of dehydration despite veterinary intervention. Cats that appear to have clinically recovered from the disease can pass the virus on for several months.

2. Cat Flu: The term used to describe the viruses (Feline Herpesvirus/Feline Rhinotracheitis and Feline Calicivirus) that result in a highly contagious respiratory disease in cats. The clinical signs of Cat Flu are typically sneezing, coughing, nasal discharge, discharge from the eyes and mouth ulceration. Cat Flu is usually only life threatening in young and old cats (or those with other immune compromising factors), however all cats that are infected with Cat Flu can develop a chronic form of the disease. This means that a previously infected cat can develop Cat Flu multiple times throughout its life from only one exposure.

3. Chlamydia: Generally classed with the Cat Flu viruses and causes conjunctivitis that usually only affects one eye.

In addition to the routine F4 Vaccination, we recommend that you vaccinate your cat against Feline AIDS with a Feline Immunodeficiency Vaccine or FIV vaccine. Feline AIDS causes a potentially fatal viral disease that interferes with the immune system of your cat. AIDS is contracted through bite wounds. Initially cats that have contracted AIDS may present with fever, lethargy, swollen lymph nodes, and a loss of appetite or diarrhoea. As the disease progresses symptoms such as weight loss, sores in and around the mouth and evidence of chronic infection become apparent. Eventually the immune system becomes too weak to fight off mild infections and diseases and death usually results. Recent statistics report that between 14 – 29% of cats in Australia are infected with Feline AIDS and many positive cats have been identified in the Goulburn Valley.

Kitten Vaccination Protocol:

Kittens are ‘temporarily’ protected against the diseases and viruses listed above through the milk they receive from their mother (providing she has been vaccinated). These ‘maternal antibodies’ do however begin to decline from approximately 6 weeks of age. For this reason it is recommended that your new kitten visits The Causeway Veterinary Clinic at 6 weeks of age to start its vaccination program

The Standard protocol consists of:

6 - 8 weeks of age: 1st Vaccination - F4 Vaccination - protecting against Feline enteritis, Cat flu and Chlamydia

10 - 12 weeks of age: 2nd Vaccination - F4 Vaccination - protecting against Feline enteritis, Cat flu and Chlamydia & 1st FIV Vaccine protecting against Feline AIDS

14 - 16 weeks of age: 3rd Vaccination F4 Vaccination at protecting against Feline enteritis, Cat flu and Chlamydia & 2nd FIV Vaccine protecting against Feline AIDS

16 -18 weeks of age: 3rd FIV Vaccine protecting against Feline AIDS

Your kitten should then receive a YEARLY F4 & FIV Booster Vaccination.

 Yearly Vaccination Booster:

Your Cat must receive a yearly Booster Vaccination to ensure that its immunity is maintained for its entire life.

It is important to remember that Vaccination is the only real form of protection for your CAT!