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The Causeway Veterinary Clinic
103 McLennan Street
Victoria 3629

03 5825 3911


Radiology refers to the study of xrays. At The Causeway Veterinary Clinic we take all our own xrays on site, meaning that your pet does not have to be transferred to an external facility to have images taken. Our clinic is well equipped with two xray machines and an automatic processor meaning that we able to achieve a rapid turnaround time in between taking each individual xray image. This allows us to read the image quickly and make a diagnosis which is particularly important in emergency cases. In the veterinary field we often have to anaesthetise our patients to take xrays. This keeps them comfortable during the imaging process and allows us to obtain motionless images so a rapid turnaround time minimises the time your pet will be kept under anaesthesia.

Unfortunately there are no veterinary specialist radiology facilities in the country so if it is felt that your pet would benefit from the input from a veterinary specialist The Causeway Veterinary Clinic has an ongoing relationship with a specialist facility in Melbourne. Your pets xrays can be forwarded to one of the specialists for comment. This arrangement is free of charge for our clients.