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The Causeway Veterinary Clinic
103 McLennan Street
Victoria 3629

03 5825 3911


Pets can always stray, gates can be left open and animals can escape or be stolen!

A tiny microchip inserted under the skin of your pet is the only way to permanently identify your dog or cat.

The microchip contains a unique microchip number that corresponds with your details, which are recorded at a central animal registry. This registry can be accessed 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. So if your pet is found out of its yard and scanned, Central Animal Records can be contacted immediately meaning that you and your pet can be reunited almost instantly.

Microchipping removes the risk of your pet being picked up by the pound and euthanased because you could not be found. It also allows an injured animal presented at a vet clinic to be identified and removes any doubt about disputed ownership.

A microchip is as small as a grain of rice, it is inserted just under the skin between the shoulder blades and can be done at any age without an anaesthetic. Your pets microchip will be implanted by an accredited Veterinarian and the appointment will cover the cost of the microchip, the implantation and microchip registration for life. Microchipping is an extremely cheap form of permanent identification for your pet.

Government Legislation makes microchipping of all dogs and cats compulsory in most states of Australia, including Victoria.